Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative Workspaces Part 1

Creative workspaces have been proven to help increase worker productivity as well as enhance the creativity of work produced.  After looking around to discover some of these spaces I have found an incredible amount of well designed and beautiful offices around the world.  It was actually pretty difficult to decide which ones to post and which to leave out (and so you will find this post very large and with lots of pictures due to my indecisiveness - and followed by a part 2). 

First up we have Google.  Of course with their Googleplex and lax rules, innovation is inevitable.  Google gives their engineers 20% of their work time to work on independent projects.  This time spent on individual projects has led to Gmail, Google News, and many other applications and games.  Seems like their policy is working to me, I don't know what I would do without my Gmail and iGoogle.  Google also offers their employees a ton of on-site benefits.  In pictures below can be seen a massage area, swimming pools, gaming rooms, and relaxation rooms (with fish tanks).

Relaxation rooms, massages, slide, creative pod offices.
 In place swimming pool.

 Tech shop where you can have a drink while your computer gets fixed.

 Meeting rooms inspired by igloos.

Pixar, the animation studio that brought you films such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Up, allows individuals to decorate their own workspaces and in effect has created almost different neighborhoods within their building. 

Fornari is a fashion company located in Milan.   It was started in the mid 1940's and have progressed to be a fashion icon.  Their new offices were designed by Giorgio Borruso Design of Marina Del Rey, California.

Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle
Dilbert creator Scott Adams approached innovation firm IDEO with the task of creating what Dilbert's Ultimate Cubicle would look like.  Included in the office space are hammock, an aquarium, and a hamster wheel as well as other more typical items.

Now it is only appropriate that Disney also have a very unique and creative work space as well.

 Who doesn't want to work in a giant honey comb?

These last offices are located in Portland, OR.  Coaxis is a leading software development and management firm.  Group Mackenzie was the project lead in developing their offices.

To be continued...

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